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What people are saying

"With Karen's guidance I felt a mindset shift in me."

"She gave me tools and resources, which helped me grow in my wellness journey.  Through powerful questions I was able to see things differently. Karen helped me with accountability and helped me show up for myself. I was able to learn to prioritize what's most important to me. Karen listened and supported me. I was able to achieve my goals with Karen's help. She is a great coach! " N.W

“Coaching with Karen was such a powerful experience!" 

"When I started my sessions with Karen, I had a couple of goals in mind, as I had let my life become unbalanced. My job had become my primary priority and I was leading a life where I sacrificed my health and my time. I realized this several months before meeting Karen but had not made the commitment to act. I continued to make excuses. Upon our first session, I felt an immediate connection with Karen. She truly heard my struggles and compassionately delivered messages allowing me to navigate my life back to a place that was more manageable. Within 2 weeks of meeting with Karen, I had a powerful conversation with my boss, something I had put off for several months. Throughout our time, Karen introduced me to some strategies in my managing my time better. We were able to break down some unrealistic goals/expectations I had set for myself and made them achievable and sustainable. Karen and I co-created plans to manage my day better, taking
intentional breaks while at work and spending time with people that were important to me.
She held me accountable and gently guided me when I needed to get back on track. These
were huge wins for me!!
Through journaling, I learned to reflect and reprioritize. I was able to focus on things I wanted to become a priority and make changes. She provided the encouragement I needed and always celebrated what I accomplished. Karen walked with me as I made this transformation, providing just the right space to trust and reprioritize my health and my family. I am truly grateful for Karen as I am back on track to living the life I choose and envisioning the future I want to create.
If you are looking for a powerful and transformational experience, I highly recommend Karen as your Coach. She will bring out the best in you!” G.R.

“Working with Karen as my Mindfulness Coach was such a positive experience and a great way to start my day!"

"She led a meditation before the start of my workday, and it really set the tone for being focused and having a sense of clarity and peacefulness, which helped in setting important intentions for the day. Karen shows up professionally, and leads with calm and caring energy, making our work together an overall meaningful experience that I could easily transcend into my day. It made me realize how impactful a morning meditation can be. My practicing with her grew my confidence to lead a brief meditation with my clients, and I really view that as a game changer. Truly grateful for our time together!” R.H.

“Karen's nurse coaching was just the boost I needed."

Working with her gave me the space to explore a physical issue that I've been coping with for years. Most importantly, she held me accountable. By meeting weekly, I knew that there was time set aside in my busy schedule to reflect on the learnings that I gathered over the previous week. She gave me the recommendations and tools to get to the bottom of the issue, and working together we developed solutions to rectify the problem. Although we haven't completely healed my ailment, my overall awareness of the problem has grown drastically so I'm able to make better choices to avoid aggravating it. This has positively impacted my overall wellbeing tenfold and wouldn't have been possible without Karen's guidance and the work we did together.
I would recommend anyone who may need an accountability partner to work with Karen. She is a warm, friendly face, and provides a safe, nurturing space for her clients to truly develop and grow. She garners a strong sense of trust that allows for vulnerability, and she celebrates success, encouraging further positive work to be done.” S.B.

“Karen’s kindness, compassion and professionalism is awe-inspiring, and I am fortunate to have the opportunity to work with her."

She always presents herself ready and eager to help in any way she can.  Be it medical, psychological, diet or any other topic I wish to discuss, she is all in.  Her thoroughness, patience and knowledge have made her a great asset in helping me navigate my way throughout my healthcare journey.   I see a more than promising future in Karen’s coaching career.” J.W.

"Karen was instrumental in helping us set goals, supporting us in our new habits, and providing us encouragement, with tidbits of helpful information along the way."

“As we started our journey with Karen, we were looking for lifestyle and diet changes because we were not happy with our current situation. Karen was instrumental in helping us set goals, supporting us in our new habits, and providing us encouragement, with tidbits of helpful information along the way. We felt that Karen had a good feel for our situation and had many good things to offer. 
As we progressed through our sessions, we had questions and found that when needed, Karen went the extra mile and researched options for us to give us the best results and advice possible. During our sessions, Karen offered helpful suggestions, guidance, support, and encouragement. We both had excellent results with our diet, losing 12 and 16 pounds! Overall, we are very pleased with our experience and highly recommend Karen as a nurse coach.” K.G. & S. G.

"She helped me find the power within myself to get motivated & excited to start making the changes."

“Before we started working together, I felt "stuck" in my day to day. My goals were to lose some weight, incorporate exercise and/or more movement into my routine & make healthier food choices. I knew what I needed to do but was having a difficult time becoming motivated in making any changes. She helped me find the power within myself to get motivated & excited to start making the changes. And she provided me with the accountability I needed to continue making those changes.
Now that we have completed our sessions, I feel empowered. She mentioned in our last meeting that she could see the change in me & I can feel the changes. I have lost almost 10 lbs, have incorporated more movement & exercise into my routine. I was also able to get back into the woods which, as she knows, was an empowering experience for me & I'm grateful to have had her encouragement & guidance!
I would recommend Karen’s coaching to anyone who is looking to focus on themselves & begin to or improve upon practicing self-care. It is often something that we all tend to forget about but is so necessary for our wellbeing. I am extremely grateful & am so blessed to have had her not only by my side during this journey but also in my life.” J.S.

“I had the pleasure of participating in a life coaching program recently and I must say it was an incredibly positive experience."

"Karen was knowledgeable, empathetic and encouraging, which made me feel comfortable opening up and sharing my personal goals and aspirations.
Throughout the coaching sessions, Karen helped me to identify my strengths and weaknesses, and provided me with practical tools and techniques to help me overcome any obstacles and achieve my goals. The coaching relationship was always positive and empowering, and I felt that Karen genuinely cared about my success.
In addition to the positive impacts and great achievements that I gained from the coaching program, I also developed a greater sense of self-worth. Through the coaching sessions, I was able to recognize and appreciate my unique strengths and qualities, which helped me to overcome self-doubt and negative self-talk.
Karen also helped me to identify limiting beliefs and thought patterns that were holding me back from achieving my full potential. By challenging these beliefs and replacing them with positive affirmations, I was able to build a stronger sense of self-worth and self-confidence.
Overall, the coaching program not only helped me to achieve my goals but also helped me to recognize and appreciate my own worth as a person. I feel more confident and motivated to pursue my dreams, and I am grateful for the positive impact that the coaching program has had on my life.
It was an absolute transformative experience, and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to make positive changes in their life, it truly has the potential to transform your life for the better.” M.B.

"My coaching sessions gave me an opportunity throughout my busy weeks to stop for a moment and get connected to myself and what I needed."

“When I first started coaching sessions with Karen, I had recently gone vegan and was feeling some overall stress/anxiety that I’ve had for years. I immediately felt comfortable with Karen, and was able to share everything from the emotional state I was in to my questions surrounding my new plant based lifestyle. What I loved most about working with Karen, was that we were able to discuss my health in terms of physical aspects like diet alongside psychological aspects like learning various ways to cope with anxiety. I gained much more insight into what nutrients and vitamins would be beneficial for me to take to ensure I was getting everything I needed in my new diet. I also learned about various stress management tactics like the Tapping Solution for anxiety. My coaching sessions gave me an opportunity throughout my busy weeks to stop for a moment and get connected to myself and what I needed. I learned a lot about the origins of some of my anxieties and Karen opened up some new avenues for me to explore in coping with it. I would recommend coaching sessions to anyone that wants a different perspective on health. Karen has the benefit of having years of experience as a nurse while also being in touch with holistic health allowing her to provide more complete support for individuals overall wellbeing. I highly recommend these sessions, Karen is a warm hearted individual with a true passion for helping her clients live to their full potential.” M.G.
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